Multi-Function Skin Face Massage Bar - Arganna Skin
Multi-Function Skin Face Massage Bar - Arganna Skin
Arganna Skin

Multi-Function Skin Face Massage Bar

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This Multi-Function Skin Face Massage Bar. Adopt the newest micro-current technology to massage and tighten your skin. Great for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, under-eye bags, dark circle, and swelling around the eyes, and promoting blood circulation. Through its gentle vibrations, your facial device works wonders on wrinkles! In just 3-to-5 weeks, you'll start to see and feel your skin tighten. Your wrinkles diminish and your pores shrink, leaving you looking luminous.

  • Say goodbye to bags! Improve circulation and decrease puffiness.
  • Often stress lines and relax muscle tissue with therapeutic massage.
  • Deep wrinkles fade away thanks to the increased production of collagen and elastin.
  • Help lotion and cream to deeply penetrate your skin and heal from the inside out.
  • Lift sagging facial muscles with toning and strengthening vibrations.
Regain radiance with the roller that boosts the benefits of your facial creams!
take care of your skin wherever you go thanks to the simple, cordless design.
To use this first, steam the face for 5 minutes with a facial steamer to open pores and make blackheads lose so that they can be sucked easily. This remover will remove your blackheads and make sure that your skin is rejuvenated. Now shrink the pores by illuminating the face with Blu-ray. Lastly, use a cool sprayer and get perfect flawless skin.
During Use:
Please move it slowly along the skin. Don't stay in one place for a long time to avoid hurting your skin. ABS material is environmental, safe, non-toxic, and harmless to your skin. Vacuum function cleans dirty pores through suction and increases blood circulation in the skin.
Comes with 2 changeable beauty heads, which can provide different functions and provide a deeper clean for your facial skin.

  •  Deep clean, skincare products used to introduce, oil control, shrink pores, brighten skin, lift the face
  •  Moisturize and smooth your face
  • Bottom of skin, anti-wrinkle Stimulate the secretion of collagen from
  • With high-frequency vibration, promote blood circulation, raise the underlying skin temperature immediately, quickly activate cell activity, tighten facial skin and remove excess facial fat.
  • Stimulate the facial secretion of new collagen, restore skin tightness, thin face, and lift facial contour.
  • Use a facial mask can maximize absorption of the essence, and enhance the skincare effect.

Product parameters:

  • Name: Facial import massager
  • Voltage: DC 1.5V
  • Power: 1.2w
  • Battery: One AA battery
  • Frequency: 11000/min -Product
  • function: Vibration imports
  • -Size: 142*36mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Multi-Function Skin Face Massage Bar

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